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SAFE @ SXSW : Women Dominating the Sex + Health Frontier Panel

As the #PaddleBattle2018 began to wind down, SAFE’s SXSW programming was only just beginning. Event-goers, swarming the busy streets of Austin in search of the most cutting edge exhibitions, migrated toward the venue generating much of the hype: River Ecosystem’s Frontier Tech Lounge. The lounge, located at The Eleanor in the heart of downtown, was home to a variety of panels exploring the many ways in which technology is shaping the future.

SAFE partnered with River Ecosystem to put on an incredible FemTech panel featuring some of the women dominating the sex + health frontier. Emily Morse, the sex educator behind the Sex With Emily podcast, moderated the discussion between Adryenn Ashley (CEO of Loly, a dating app that matches you based on sexual preferences), Alex Fine (CEO of Dame Products, a vibrator company seriously shaking things up), Kristina Cahojova (CEO of Kegg Tech, a fertility tracking kegel) and SAFE’s very own COO, Lauren Weiniger.

The panel delved into such topics as the #MeToo movement, the difficulties of marketing within the sex tech industry, and the disparities between men and women when it comes to sexual pleasure (news flash: there’s a HUGE disparity). As the ladies debated and discussed the issues surrounding female entrepreneurs in the sex sector, one thing became clear: these women are not alone in their fight to challenge the status quo. In fact, they are surrounded by scores of resilient women who are calling for more female representation in leadership roles and demanding that women’s health become a priority. Love it, ladies!


For those of you who missed it, fear not. The panel will be available on the Sex With Emily podcast on April 4 here. If you’d like to witness Dame Products’ Alex Fine reenact her preferred birthing position (yeah that happened) and other moments from the panel, click here. To submit questions for a future panel (of which there will be many) email us with your suggestions here!

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