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SAFE SPACE “Sex + Health Summit” hosted by Teen Vogue

SAFE SPACE kicked off it’s Sundance activation Friday morning with a Wellness Lounge, which was much-needed for those of us recovering from long travel days or adjusting to the significant change in weather. This escape from the cold and chaos of the festival served as the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and, for many of us, nurse a hangover. Kailen Rosenberg of the Love Architects dished out relationship advice to help guests map their love blueprint, while yogis provided a moment of zen with morning meditations. If you’re like me, your body requires some fuel before you force it to contort into positions that, let’s be honest, shouldn’t be humanly possible. Luckily, SAFE SPACE was stocked with all the snacks and refreshments your body and soul could need. Guests were invited to nibble on (or inhale, whatever you’re into) the paleo/vegan/gluten-free/all-around amazing HU Chocolate while sipping on Nature’s Berry apple cider. YUM. Other refreshments included GT’s Kombucha (along with their hot brand ambassadors) and Not Pot Chocolate to help calm the nerves before the craziness of Sundance. (BTW, it’s CBD not THC.) All of this while getting a fresh makeover by the sexy and ethical Winkylux cosmetics? Sign us up.

The festivities continued with Park City’s inaugural Sex + Health Summit” hosted by Teen Vogue and moderated by Digital Wellness Editor, Vera Papisova. The Sex + Health Summit opened with an exclusive ChefDance luncheon celebrating women breaking barriers and sparking conversations around sexual health. As any passerby would tell you, the energy and excitement emanating from SAFE SPACE was hard to miss. Guests chowed down on fresh fare prepared by world-renowned culinary experts while discussing the hottest films on this year’s Sundance circuit, then later made their way to into the panel room to hear the latest on sex and health. 

The panel featured an impressiv
e roster of female badasses, including actress and mega influencer Amanda Cerny, Trojan™ Sexual Health Advisory Council member and sex educator Logan Levkoff, relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg, sexologist and author Shan Boodram, actress and activist Anna Akana, and Cindy Whitehead, the CEO of The Pink Ceiling and creator of “The Female Viagra”. Donning an impressive amount of pink, the ladies opened up about female sexuality, Hollywood’s portrayal of female sexual liberation, dating in the modern world, and the increasing prevalence of STDs. Check out what the awesome women had to say here.

SAFE SPACE closed out Friday with the “Collab Creators Happy Hour” hosted by Amanda Cerny with a DJ set by Dante, followed by the Sweet Pea Cocktail Party featuring intimate performances by resident DJs Paul Oakenfold, HER, and the Naven Twins. As revelers danced and imbibed late into the night, “SAFE SPACE” was already entering the lexicon of many a Sundance-goer.

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