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SAFE SPACE Global Citizen Impact Salon

On Saturday, Park City was humming with activity. Women and men marched along Main Street for the Respect Rally, a small (yet mighty) demonstration held on the one year anniversary of the Women’s March. Ralliers later made there way to SAFE SPACE for a private luncheon prepared by ChefDance and hosted by Maria Bello and Geralyn Dreyfous. The luncheon, aside from being a warm refuge from the harsh blizzard outside, was a place for thought leaders to gather and celebrate #MeToo, #TimesUp, and the many other women’s movements sweeping across the country.

Lunch was followed by the panel discussion, “Activating Impact Through Media and Movements”, moderated by Global Citizen Executives Taara Rangarajan and Stephen Brown, with participants including Black Eyed Peas (will.i.am, Taboo, Apl.de.ap), Masters of the Sun – Virtual Reality Edition (MOTS) cast members Rakim, Jason Isaacs and KRS-One, GLAAD president Sarah Kate Ellis, and CNN Freedom Project Founder, Leif Coorlim, who has shaped the global conversation and fight against sex trafficking and modern slavery. The MOTS cast members revealed how their personal experiences influence their social justice efforts, and will.i.am closed the panel with an impassioned speech about how the strong women in his life, including his mother, have helped shape his view on gender equality.

Saturday night continued with the “Smash the Patriarchy” Cocktail party to celebrate Sundance 2018 films written, directed, produced, and financed by women, with special appearances by the filmmakers of Nancy, The Long Dumb Road, and The Tale.

By Friday, word had spread through Park City, and the line for SAFE SPACE was down the block before the AfterHours even began. The attendees who were lucky enough to get inside witnessed a legendary spontaneous rap battle that broke out between will.i.am, KRS-One, Apl.de.ap and Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas, and newcomers Farah Shea and Kosha Dillz. On hand to watch the incredible performance were none other than Sandra Bullock, Idris Elba, and Steven Spielberg. Hollywood Life called the party “historic” and “the best party in recent Sundance history”. We couldn’t agree more.

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