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SAFE SPACE Football Sunday

What’s the perfect remedy for the sleep deprivation and residual headache left over from a night of partying with the Black Eyed Peas? Pizza and football, duh. SAFE SPACE held the “Sunday Funday Football Party for a Purpose” hosted by Project Green, where guests were invited to grab a beer, watch the game, or simply decompress from the busy weekend (that’s what Sundays are for, right?).

As if watching the players on TV wasn’t enough, SAFE SPACE attendees were surprised by an appearance from former Falcons and Ravens fullback, Ovie Mughelli. Ovie, along with flaunting his Falcon pride, emphasized the importance of getting tested for STDs, and what the consequences can look like if you don’t. If we had to choose between getting tested and getting sacked by a 300 pound linebacker, we’d choose getting tested. Every. Time.

Later in the day, SAFE SPACE celebrated female filmmakers and content creators making an impact through mass media by hosting the Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) Cocktails and Conversation Happy Hour honoring Amy Adrion, director of the documentary feature Half the Picture.

Sunday night continued with a cocktail hour hosted by the Lodge Social Club and Oprah’s love guru, Kailen Rosenberg. The AfterHours, in true SAFE SPACE fashion, was teeming with people. The Tito’s was flowing, DJ Bad Ash and the Naven Twins were spinning to a mesmerized crowd of revelers, and the world was becoming a safer (and more fun) place to be.

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