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SAFE SPACE Cryptocurrency Symposium

Just when you thought SAFE SPACE couldn’t get any better, Monday featured an incredible lineup of thought-provoking discussions and legendary afterparties. SAFE hosted the “Cryptocurrency Symposium” featuring thought leaders and founders explaining cryptocurrency in a way the average person can understand. (Praise be, we don’t have to pretend like we know what bitcoin is anymore!)

The Cryptocurrency Forum began with a luncheon hosted by Zap, followed by panel discussions featuring the founders and executives of Zap, Airthereum, Intimate, Embermine, and Musiconomi. These cryptocurrency geniuses discussed the changing economy and how the new currency is leading the way for sex, cannabis, and rock and roll. Didn’t think cryptocurrency could be sexy? You thought wrong.

The blockchain-inspired events continued with a private cocktail reception hosted by Airthereum. Few lucky attendees were awarded with envelopes containing Airthereum tokens worth $500 each (now that’s SWAG). To close out the week’s amazing activation, DJ Bad Ash and HER spun to a packed house full of euphoric, albeit weary, SAFE SPACE partygoers. As guests filed out and bid one final aduei to SAFE SPACE, many faces looked forlorn at the thought of leaving the sanctuary forever. But fear not friends, there’s always next year!

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