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Let’s talk Sex Toys

Instead of giggling about pocket pussies or butt plugs and shying away from conversations about masturbation, try dropping these facts to launch an honest discussion about sexual health and pleasure.

Here are some facts for you: The sex toy industry is worth about $15 billion per year worldwide. That a lot of dildos, people.

Pleasure products still aren’t mainstream, even though statistics show that more than 50% of American have used a sex toy and you can find them in your local CVS. Depending on who you’re talking to, the word “dildo” has the power to elicit giggles, blushes, and stares. Sex toys may be a common household appliance, but they still hold their stigma.

You may think sex toys came about during the 70’s sexual revolution, well they go wayyy farther back than that. Sex toys have a long history some are believed that vibrators were invented by Victorian doctors to stimulate female patients to orgasm. But the world’s oldest dildo, a stone phallus, dates back almost 28,000 years! Some people have dated these stone or leather phalluses as far back as 500 B.C. It’s safe to say that people have been looking for a way to get off since time began.

This fact may be a little more obvious but where you live could be a factor in whether you play with some toys or not. If you live in a more rural area like Wyoming, Alaska or North Dakota you may be more inclined to buy that dildo compared to people living in Miami.

Now, this one may blow your mind. Vibrator use has been shown to improve sexual function. And yes, a regular session with your handy dandy vibrator has been shown to enhance orgasms and arousal! Many people believe that vibrators will reduce sensitivity and decrease the pleasure of partnered sex however 71.5% of users say quite the opposite. So keep going, it’s good for your sex life!

Listen up for this one; it’s vital. We often think of sex toys as fun toys. But that isn’t accurate for everyone, for some women orgasms are very hard to come by. For these people, the right sex toy could open up a world of possibilities and sweet releases. Sex toys aren’t just here for us to make our sex life more enjoyable for some it makes their sex life possible. If we are talking sex as an equal, partnered activity that means we need to be thinking about both enjoying its pleasures. Sometimes, sex toys level the playing field.

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